How COVID is Affecting Our Daily Lives

  How COVID is Affecting Our Daily Lives

Emma Alford and Claire Lam

      How COVID is Affecting Our Daily Lives

                                                                                                                                                                                       Emma Alford

                                                                                                                                                                                          Claire Lam

March 10, 2022
COVID has affected our daily lives in many different ways. For example, we are all quarantined. We can’t see our dear friends or even go to some stores. Many businesses were closed due to the pandemic—some even permanently. 


School became all online, which was hard for us to adapt to. Some grades were dropping since learning new subjects in school was hard online. Although there was a bit less work, it was still hard to focus in class. 


We all had to stay at home 24/7. Sometimes, there were curfews and we had to follow those rules since they were part of the law. We couldn’t travel or go anywhere else since places were closed. The whole environment began to change since we had to social distance and wear masks. On top of that, during the pandemic, people began to become really addicted to their devices.


To be exact, 5.96 million people died from having COVID and 439 million cases of COVID. Now, there are 3 vaccines that have a high chance of preventing COVID. After taking those shots, the majority of the people had side effects. Side effects such as arm pain, headaches, swelling, tiredness, fevers, and nausea were very common after taking the second shot.


During COVID people have become restless, such as the overly demanding individuals dubbed ”Karens” and rioters. What we mean by riot is that there has been a lot of protesting. For example, people began to be more sexist and vandalized everything. Many stores had to build wooden planks to prevent the glass from getting smashed by people.


Places such as theatres, arcades, pools, clubs, swimming pools, and much more were closed. Due to this. and online businesses such as Amazon and eBay getting more customers, many stores have had to close down. Many people began to lose their jobs and because of this, the population of homeless people began to rise.