How to Relax

How to Relax

Mitsuki Okino, Journalist

When you get stressed, you may feel angry, tired, and sad, and when you do feel stressed, you should try the ten ways below.

The first way is to listen to music. Even if you don’t get stressed, you can relax by listening to music. I recommend hit, pop, fast-paced and slow-paced songs. 

The second way is to watch movies. You can watch any movies, but I don’t recommend scary movies. The reason is if you watch scary movies, your heart rate goes up and you won’t be able to relax. I recommend happy movies, especially family movies and Disney movies.

The third way is sleeping, best if under the sun. If your muscles are warm, your muscles are softened and you can relax. And when you sleep, you don’t use your muscles, so you will not be tired.

The fourth way is listening to 1/f. (1/f fluctuation) 1/f fluctuation are sounds of fire, waves, the sea, the wind, etc. If people hear 1/f, they can relax and rest. 1/f is not only sound, you can also see fire and fire can warm you up.

The fifth way is to use aroma oil or a little perfume. Because aroma oil and perfume have the ability to let you relax you can turn off the light and light a candle. Then set the aroma oil or perfume on the candle. Then you smell or look at the candle and it helps you relax.

The sixth way is to stretch and do yoga. I also recommend it because your muscles are warm and softened, so you can relax and refresh your mind. Stretching and yoga have the same effects as sleeping, but stretching and yoga are more effective.

The seventh way is exercising, such as jogging, sports, hiking, etc. Those also have the same effect as sleeping, stretching, and yoga. But it’s different because sleeping, stretching, and yoga are done inside, while excercising is normally done outside.

The eighth way is drinking herbal tea. It has the same effect as aroma oil and perfume because there are herbs in aroma oil and perfume. Herbs have the effect of relaxing and calming the mind.

The ninth way is deep breathing. It moves inside of the body and calms the mind. It also softens your muscles and relaxes them. I and some sports instructors really recommend it because you can do it all the time and anywhere.

The tenth way is to read books. Your mind and emotions will be in the story, so you can forget your stress. Also you will feel happy and relaxed because you can read your favorite books. I suggest drinking tea and eating some sweets when you read.

This is how to relax, so if you get stressed, you can try these ways.