The Mystery of Cleopatra’s Tomb

Anushka Singh, Journalist

There are many mysteries throughout our history that have not been solved. One that still stumps historians and archaeologists to this day is Cleopatra’s missing tomb. Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt for over 20 years and influenced Roman politics in a crucial way. She was known for her relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She often referred to herself as a living goddess. 

Cleopatra died by committing suicide after Octavion, a roman political rival, captured her. She let a poisonous snake bite her rather than being a captive under Octavian. She wanted to be buried with Marc Antony who had also committed suicide by stabbing himself. She didn’t want anyone to find her tomb, so she ¨outsmarted everyone.¨ Cleopatra has been buried for over 2000 years now and there is a slim chance people will find her. 

Historians and scholars first thought Cleopatra was buried at an ancient temple outside Alexandria, Egypt named Taposiris Magna. After looking for more than 10 years, no one found anything. While this ancient temple is a very important site, Cleopatra’s tomb is not there. Some scholars now believe that Cleopatra’s tomb might be within Alexandria, but in a place that is now underwater. They all have mutually agreed that there is a very tiny chance that anyone will ever find Cleopatra’s tomb. 

Mysteries that date back to over 2000 years are going to be very hard to uncover. Later, we may get more information that can help us find a conclusion to this mystery. Though for now, it is inconclusive and incomplete.