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Pachitsha Vang, Journalist/Editor

If you like funny, supernatural, fantasy, and action packed TV shows, then you should watch Demon Slayer. The main characters are likable, have funny moments, interactions, and cool fight scenes. My friend Mina Hwang said that watching Demon Slayer,“really gets you into anime”. She also said that the fight scenes were “incredible, amazing, detailed”, and that it left an impression on her

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba is about the journey the Kamado siblings, Tanjiro and Nezuko, take to try and turn Nezuko back into a human. Tanjiro’s family was massacred by a demon, and his sister Nezuko became a demon. Nezuko tries to kill Tanjiro, but a demon slayer saves him and doesn’t kill Nezuko. After this, Tanjiro aims to become a demon slayer to find a cure for Nezuko, and to kill the demon that caused him so much grief. This story takes place during the Taisho Period in Japan when swords are still used. 

I personally like Demon Slayer because of the characters and the fight scenes. The characters have funny and cool moments. I especially like the fight scenes in the Demon Slayer Movie and in the 2nd season. The animation is amazingly detailed, and you can see the characters’ emotions through the intensity of the battle displayed on the screen. Usually if the demon slayers win, they live to see the next day. If they lose, they die. 

If you’re interested in watching Demon Slayer, then you can watch it on these apps:  Funimation, Crunchyuroll, Adult Swim, Netflix, Hulu, HBO (Max), and Prime Video. You can also watch it for free with ads on some of these apps. 

By watching the trailer, Demon Slayer may seem scary, but it’s not! I thought Demon Slayer was scary, but after watching it, it is amazingly funny, cool, and more. I highly recommend that you should watch Demon Slayer.