The Rise Of Tom Brady!


ESPN Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and more arrive for Patriots-Buccaneers showdown

Joey Shqair

Tom Brady, was once just a 12 year old average kid at St. Gregory’s middle school. He played flag football and two hand touch at recess! He was into football and played competitively at a young age. He always dreamed of playing with the big guys in the NFL! He had not much experience though heading into high school. He feels ready for the big boys and starts playing a year before high school. He started to play flag football in middle school and two hand touch at recess.

Tom Brady started his first season in high school as a freshman. He really started to enjoy this new sport that he just started playing. He didn’t start though because he didn’t have a lot of experience. He played as a backup quarterback and learned the game from his teammates. He enjoyed his freshman year. Now, sophomore season starts. Tom Brady again didn’t get the starting job over his teammate. He got better, but not enough for the starting position. He again studies his teammates and learns to play the game correctly,and moves on to junior year! Next, he gets the starting quarterback position and is starting to make a good impression. He plays average and leads his team to a decent record. Next is senior year. Senior year starts, and Brady plays amazing. He has experience now and plays amazing! He won awards such as, All-State and All-Far West honors, the team’s Most Valuable Player Award. That’s what got him barely recruited to the University of Michigan. Finally, college starts. Brady plays like a good quarterback with good stats, finishing his four seasons of college with the stats of, 61.9 percent of his passes for 4,773 yards and 30 touchdowns while also tossing 17 interceptions. Now, NFL draft day is here, Brady is expected to barely get drafted in the late 6th or 7th round. He ends up getting drafted, and goes to the New England Patriots, 199th overall in 2000.


Now, Tom Brady ends up not starting the first 2 seasons while being a backup quarterback again under Drew Bledsoe. He is still learning the system, so he isn’t expected to be starting at this young of an age. Seasons go by, he ends up getting that starting quarterback job, and goes on to win many Super Bowls shocking the world! He won 7 of the 10 Super Bowls in his career and finished with the stats of 84,520 passing yards and 624 touchdowns in his career. He shocked the world from just barely making a college team to being the GOAT! We should all take a moment and thank the guy, Tom.,at%20recess%20and%20after%20school.,the%20practice%20was%20coveted%20nonetheless.