The History Of Hacking

Matteo Tang


         Hacking has existed for thousands of years, but let’s go over the definition of hacking. Hacking is unauthorized access to data in a system or computer. Since “data” technically means information because data is “facts and statistics compiled together.”(Websters English dictionary) So now that you know this, let’s start the entire history of hackers and hacking.  The earliest recorded moment of knowledge is around 7 million years ago, when humans were first introduced to the floating ball of rock that is Earth. Fast forward to 700 B.C., the first major library was created. It’s known as The Library of Ashurbanipal and it contained around 30,000 cuneiform tablets. So theoretically, if someone were to enter and view 1 of the thousands of tablets, this would be considered hacking. Fast forward to when the first ever computer, Babbage Difference engine was created. This was a computer that calculated math equations with up to 27 different variables. Nobody ever had unauthorized access to this device. The Xerox Alto computer, released on the first of March 1973 was the first ever graphic computer. This computer had a graphic screen with pixels. When the Ethernet was created, all computers were hackable with the Windows software version 1.1. You would use a command prompt to get someone’s IP and access their computer.



Modern Day


         Modern day, this has not changed. A difference about modern day hacking is ransomware. Ransomware is when someone takes data and sells it back to the person for a sum of money. An example of this is a recent event where people were impacted. This event was the Colonial Pipeline where some hackers hacked the main computer to the oil and gas pipeline and turned it off. The price of gas and oil increased by $3 because of this. During this time, everyone in the United States with a car was impacted. The Pipeline operator said that they had to pay 4.4 million dollars to get them to open the pipeline back up. The government opened the hackers crypto wallet with a special key and got back 2.3 million dollars. This example of ransomware is when someone prevents something something from happening. Hacking is not always bad. Some people consider themselves hackers just because they know how to code.


Video game hacker’s


        Video game hackers are probably the worst type of hacker. They use hacks that are usually installed by a third source that gives them a simple way to cheat in games. The most common hack is aimbot. This hack is the most common hack mostly used in shooting games. Speaking of games, here are the games hackers have caused the most problems in: Minecraft, Counter Strike, Fortnite, Overwatch Grand Theft Auto online, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds, aka PUBG, and Valorant. You may know most of these games or have played them before. If you have ever encountered a hacker, it might have been frustrating. Possibly is someone in Fall Guys that is using hacks to glitch themselves into another position. In Minecraft multiplayer, when someone is bee hopping on you with hacks, it can also be very annoying. This may be a short list of games that people hack on, but it is by far not the only games.