The Downfall of Antonio Brown


Natan Petel, Journalist

The downfall of Antonio Brown


Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr., also known as Antonio Brown or AB, had one of the weirdest football careers a person could have. He was an amazing player on the field. However, he had many problems off the field which led to the downfall of his career. This is the career and downfall of Antonio Brown.


Antonio Brown was drafted in the 6th round, pick 195 of the 2010 NFL draft to Pittsburgh Steelers. His rookie year he only played 9 games with under 200 yards. He didn’t meet expectations rookie year, but he was bound to do well sophomore year.  He had a good sophomore year with over 1100 yards and 69 catches. By now he had gotten used to the NFL and he was ready to become a star.


His 3rd year was outstanding. He was putting up crazy numbers and stats. He had 110 catches, 1500 yards and 8 touchdowns. His career was only starting and he still had a long way to go. His contract with the Steelers was over but the Steelers re-signed him after his recent performances. After an amazing season AB wasn’t done. In 2014 he had 130 catches with 1700 yards and 13 touchdowns. He was the best wide receiver in the league at this point of time. 


AB was inspiring young children around America. He didn’t stop with his performances. In 2015 he had 136 catches and over 1800s yards with 10 touchdowns. This was one of the best regular season performances of all time. People were amazed by his ability on the field. In 2016 he had 106 catches and over 1250 yards with 12 touchdowns. Every single year he was a monster on the field. He had an amazing quarterback and running back to go with it. Ben Rothlisburger was his quarterback and Le’veon Bell was his running back. Their nickname was the Killer B’s. Unfortunately they never won a Super Bowl together.


AB still had 2 years left on his contract. He still hadn’t had a bad season with the Steelers. In 2017 he had 101 catches, over 1500 yards and 9 touchdowns. Antonio Brown had not had a season with under 100 catches and 1000 yards since rookie year. Obviously in 2018 he wasn’t bad. He had 104 catches with 1300 yards and a career high of 15 touchdowns. People were saying that he was among the  top 10 wide receivers of all time and his name could never get out of the news. This is when things started to fall apart.


After the 2018 season Antonio Brown’s contract expired. Unfortunately, he wasn’t re-signed to the Steelers and he moved to the Raiders. Before the 2019 season the NFL changed their helmets. AB didn’t like the new helmets and he refused to play with them. The NFL didn’t allow him to use the old helmets so he didn’t play. He was released by the Raiders before he even played a snap. 


AB was quickly signed by the Patriots and Tom Brady. He only played 1 game for the Patriots before he was accused of sexual assault. He didn’t play the rest of the 2019 year. He still hadn’t been proven guilty yet and he wanted to play. Tom Brady signed him again, except to the Buccaneers this time. In his first year with the Buccaneers he won the Super Bowl.


In 2021 AB was caught lying about his vaccination card. He got suspended for a few weeks. When he came back he had 10 catches for 100 yards against the Panthers. In his next game against the Jets AB wasn’t getting a lot of targets. He was upset and in the middle of the game while he was on the bench he took off his shirt and his jersey and threw it into the stands and ran into the locker room. The Buccaneers released him later that day. Currently he doesn’t have a job in the NFL and is speaking on multiple podcasts. AB had one of the best careers of all time and ruined all of it in the matter of a few seasons.