How To Improve Digital Drawings

Kinsey Kubitz, Journalist

A lot of people like drawing and a lot of people are starting to or already using digital art apps. A popular free app is ibisPaint X. Starting off using a new app can be tricky and confusing, so I am going to be giving you ways to improve your drawing as well as tools and motivation. 


Starting with tools and ways to improve, I recommend trying to sketch daily Even if you have just ten minutes it can be helpful. You don’t have to draw something complex and advanced every time, it could just be a piece of fruit or a simple landscape. The next tip is using a reference image when drawing, it can be helpful so you have a set idea in your head of what you want to create. You can also use the eyedropper tool to match colors in your drawing or reference images. 


Drawing with layers can also help so you erase only parts of your drawing. You can also get a stylus or, an apple pencil instead of your fingers. Using a stylus can help see what you are doing and it can give you more control. Depending on what device you are using to draw, it is important to have good wrist support as well and make sure you are in a comfortable position when drawing.


Next, here is some motivation. It’s always ok to have an art block and you shouldn’t think you aren’t good at drawing or meant to be good at this if you don’t know what to draw. It can happen to anyone and it is a perfectly normal thing to experience. Another thing you should be aware of is not to compare yourself and your art to others. All that matters is if you like your drawing and what you have created. You shouldn’t be wondering if you are good enough or anything because you just need to believe in yourself. That’s all I have for today, make sure to go for it and don’t give up. I hope this helped and you will improve. Just remember that you can always start drawing and you don’t need to be perfect.

Easiest Digital Art Techniques on Ibis Paint without using A Stylus