Origins of the Pen

Origins of the Pen

Parker Jessup, Jonathan Zentino , Journalist

Pens are vital to our daily life. We use them almost daily to sign or write. Pens first started being used in 2000 B.C.E.

The plastic used to make pens is called polypropylene copolymers or PPC. This plastic is used to make the barrel, ink chamber, and cap.

The first pen invented was the Egyptian reed pen. The reed pen was used to write on papyrus. One end of this tool was cut into the shape of a pen nib or point and then the reed’s stem was filled with a ink that would flow down to the nib when squeezed.

The next pen invented was the Quill pen, this pen was made in 600 C.E. The steel point pen was invented in 1822. The Fountain pen was invented in 1827, and the pen we most often use and see, the Ball Point Pen, was invented in 1888. 

The Ball Point pen is now the most popular and widely used pen. The Ball Point pen has an interesting history that is first linked to an American inventor named John H. Loud. Loud received a patent, one of many during the development stages, yet the design never actually produced a satisfactory flow of ink for the writer. The pen has been used for many things and is a great help to society.