The Christmas The World Didn’t End


Renee Pi, Katherine Lu, and Francez Santos

On December 21st, 1954, a massive flood created a vast inland sea stretching from the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico. Tidal waves destroyed many of the towns and cities in the Midwest and along the west coast of North and South America. Similar disasters followed all around the globe. Many people perished in the terrible flooding that occurred. The only people to escape this fate were rescued by aliens the night before the catastrophe. At least, that’s what would have happened if Dorothy Martin’s predictions came true.  

Dorothy Martin was a 53-year-old Chicagoan rapturist. She claimed to have been told of an impending disaster by the aliens of Clarion, a planet where bodies automatically adjusted to the outside temperature, people ate snowflakes, and everyone was immortal. Martin said that she received messages from the spirit of Sananda, who, according to her, was Jesus Christ. The messages were delivered to her through automatic writing, a process in which she entered a trance-like state and allowed the aliens to guide her hand as she wrote down words on paper.

Martin told her fellow believers that floods would destroy most of Earth on December 21st, but aliens would rescue them in a spaceship before then. She set the rescue at midnight on that day, but cautioned that the spaceship might show up early. Because of that, Martin constantly sent her followers on “saucer watch”, instructing them to watch the skies carefully for the spaceship. She also warned her followers to keep metal off their bodies, as on a spaceship, skin contact with metal would cause severe burns, never explaining why this would happen but claiming it was because of advanced alien technology.

On the night of December 20th, the entire group gathered in Martin’s living room to wait for the spaceship to arrive at midnight. They established a password. When the spaceman knocked on the door, a member named Charles Laughead, who also served as Martin’s spokesperson, would answer. He would ask the spaceman, “What is your question?”. The alien would then respond, “I am the porter”, to which Laughead would reply, “I am my own porter”. However, when the clock struck twelve, no aliens had shown up. At 12:30 AM, someone knocked on the door, but it turned out to be a few boys playing a prank. Tension built until 2:30 AM when Martin announced that Sananda had given her another message. He wasn’t apologizing for being late. Instead, the message was that he wanted the group to take a coffee break.

Finally, at 4:45 in the morning, almost 5 hours after the appointed time, Martin received another message from Clarion: “For from the mouth of death have ye been delivered and at no time has there been such a force loosed upon the Earth.” Not since the beginning of time upon this Earth has there been such a force of Good and light as now floods this room and that which has been loosed within this room now floods the entire Earth”. 

Essentially, the message meant that the group’s devout faith and unshakable belief had averted disaster, which is why no spacecraft ever showed up for them. Soon after that, Martin was sent another message, this time asking her to spread the “Christmas Message” of joy and salvation to the world.

However, despite the prediction never coming true, Martin’s beliefs never weakened. She moved to South America and changed her name to Sister Thedra, establishing a religious center called the Abbey of the Seven Rays. Her predictions of floods continued, but they grew increasingly vague. Eventually, Martin returned to the United States and died in 1988. Although she has passed on, her bizarre prophecy will be remembered as one of the strangest incidents in history.


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