Nintendo VS Sega

Nintendo VS Sega

Neil Bhatkhande, Swag Reporter


The Year is 1989, and the leaves are falling. At Nintendo America, Profits are high, and everyone knows what Nintendo is, as well as their hit games, Mario, Kirby, and more. Little do they know that in 1 day, a random gaming company, Sega, is going to be their biggest competitor. Sega is going to create something so big, it is going to boost the gaming industry to a new level.

The first 16 bit home console. The SEGA Genesis. But before we tell you more, let’s bring you up to date on the current events of the video gaming industry.

At the time, Nintendo was the most popular home console in America. With its 8-bit screen’s things were pixelated. The reason Nintendo was so big was not because of graphics, but rather enjoyable games. SEGA had developed a 16-bit console.  However, it wasn’t that well known, so SEGA had to come up with an idea. Their plan was simple. They made sega the “cool” thing. They gave the few people that had a Sega console free games and encouraged them to play in front of others. They convinced EA, which was a small company at the time, to make a sports game work on their console, which we know today as MADDEN. The second game they made was Sonic. They based the game on a roller coaster so that people who played the game would feel like they were going extremely fast. The levels were cleverly designed to have tricks that seemed obvious but weren’t noticeable unless you were looking for them. This meant people who liked the game were buying books that pointed out these areas. With all this combined, SEGA made itself a competitor in the home entertainment consoles business.

After Nintendo realized that SEGA was an actual competitor in the home entertainment business, they started creating more and more amazing games, from the 3D Star Fox to more Mario games. This boost would slowly die out but get boosted again with the release of HALO on the brand new Xbox by Microsoft. HALO would also revolutionize the gaming industry with its amazing storyline and music.



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