Japanese Cuisine


Raja Boudali & Alexis Kushnir, Journalist

Japanese cuisine has been around for about 2,400 years and in this article, we chose four dishes and four desserts to research and write about. Here are the most famous Japanese dishes that you’d want to try.



Ramen is a soup made of Chinese wheat noodles served with meat or fish-based broth. Toppings including fish cakes, eggs, seaweed, etc… are favored when eating ramen. Side effects can come when eating regularly though. Since it’s a high sodium food, it can increase the risk of heart failure.



Sushi is prepared with rice and a variety of ingredients such as seafood, (often raw) and vegetables. Sushi rice (referred to as shan or sumeshi) is the key ingredient when making sushi. It is popular around the United States with about 16,000 restaurants across the country. Feeling weird after eating sushi is most likely due to the larvae in fish called Anisakis.



Unagi is a dish that consists of underwater Eel. It is a common ingredient when it comes to all types of Japanese cooking. It also can be found on sushi, but sushi chefs never prepare it raw due to the toxins in Eels’ blood.



Tempura is any type of seafood, meat, and/or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. Now, it is a common dish of Japan but originated in Portugal. The batter is made from flour, eggs, and ice water. It is mainly eaten with a bowl of rice or soba noodles. 


Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly is a bitter-sweet Japanese dessert. Coffee jelly is made of sweetened coffee and a gelatinous substance called Katen in Japanese, the end product is very light and served cold, with or without whip cream and it can also be used as a drink ingredient or topping.


Japanese Red Bean Cake

Japanese red bean cake or Dorayaki is made up of two fluffy honey pancakes filled with red bean paste in a sandwich form. It’s wildly popular with kids and adults. The cake is usually filled with an azuki red bean paste but there are also different recipes that have a cream or custard filling.



Daifuku is a mochi dessert filled with a semi-sweet paste called anko. Anko or tsubuan is a red bean paste made of adzuki beans. Some other popular fillings have chestnut, apricot, mocha, and caramel flavors of creams and pastes, and sometimes even ice cream. Daifuku has a sticky texture and the creamy anko is a great combination. 


Japanese cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake is made with cream cheese, butter, sugar, and lots of egg whites. Compared to regular cheesecake, Japanese has less cream cheese and more egg whites (making it very fluffy), it doesn’t have a crust and it’s a bit wobbly. Japanese cheesecake can have many flavors like strawberry, chocolate, mocha, or just the traditional.


Hopefully, now you know more about Japanese food.