Five Nights at Freddy Security Breach


Nagisa Kikuchi and Tyler Dang

Five Nights at Freddy Security Breach was released on December 16, 2021. You can download it on Playstation 4-5 and on Microsoft Windows on Steam. This game was based off the original Five Nights At Freddy’s game but instead of being in a security camera room or Pizzeria, you are in a shopping mall version of Pizzeria, and you only have to survive one night instead of five. Also, instead of being confined to one room, you can walk around the entire mall. You are playing as a kid named Gregory and have to complete tasks to survive the night from murderous animatronics.It is a horror game made by Steel Wool Studios. There are a lot of jumpscares which makes it appealing to people. 

The next thing that we want to talk about are the characters. First, the main character is Gregory and he’s not the security guard; he’s a kid. Next is Freddy. He’s the most famous enemy character in FNAF, but this time, Freddy is trying to help Gregory get out of the shopping mall. You can also now hide inside of Freddy’s chest, helping Gregory hide from attacking animatronics. However, Freddy has limited batteries and when Freddy’s batteries run out, he will kill you. So, if Freddy’s battery is low, you need to bring Freddy to the animatronics charging station. Next is Glamrock Chica. She’s just a normal enemy, and chases you pretty fast if she finds you. Third is Monty Gator. Monty is the slowest and most powerful enemy in the game. Monty is very popular with the players. And finally, the Roxanne Wolf. She’s the fastest character in FNAF. 

During the game, Freddy gives you shortcuts and advice on what to do. As the night goes on, all the characters get stronger. The two weapons are the Faz-Cam and Faz-Blaster. The Faz-Cam stuns everyone in front of Gregory and has limited uses, but it’ll recharge. The Faz-Blaster has unlimited uses and is stronger, but harder to use. This game has six different endings. There are the worst endings with only 1 star, normal or secret endings with 2 stars, and the best ending with 3 stars. These endings have a lot of lore and theories, so it is an enjoyable game. 

FNAF security Breach is a very successful game that was released recently. This game is different from any other FNAF game. You can control the player, and it includes multiple endings, so I think you will enjoy this game.