6A&7A Volleyball

Maya Doctor, Student

  6A&7A Volleyball
By Maya Doctor


DIG, SET, SPIKE! The 6A and 7A volleyball teams are on fire! The girls 7A volleyball team brought home a trophy for Bowditch, and the 6A team lost in the semi-finals. Their coach, the start of it all, Coach David has been coaching for 29 years and over 50 teams! When I asked Coach David how he thought the season went, this is what he said “I consider this season very good because it is hard to coach during covid and we don’t have enough time to practice like before. We did not have practice and just played and tried to make the best of it.¨ Coach David hopes that in the future he can coach all three girls’ A volleyball teams.


The 6A girls volleyball team holds a record of 8 wins and 2 losses in the regular season, which allowed them to make it to the playoffs, but then lost to Ralston in the semi-finals. 6 A’s roster includes Sonya Kultun #16, Chloe Wan #3, Naya Abulebdeh #9, Luella LaRochelle-Tran #12, Carolina Ruiz #11, Mikayla Romero #19, Kimaya Cormier #18, Akshara Vittalam #1, Surbhi Sakshi #4, Urjita Debnath #21, Rocio Alvarez Bendito #8, Nyssa Mitra #70, Charlotte Hisatake #30, Drew Brown #10, Ines Del Castillo #6, and  Maya Doctor #2. As for 7A in the regular season, they had 10 wins and no losses, Which also led them to the playoffs where they went on to beat Borel in the semi-finals and beat Greene in the finals. Here is their roster, #44 Julienne, #12 Audrey, #20 Kai, #10 Windsor, #13 Emily, #15 Lauren, #23 Celia, #2 Makayla, #21 Bella, #5 Jessalyn, #32 Kathy, and  #4 Neda. Thanks to Bowditch players and coaches, Bowditch Buccaneers are the team to beat, and this competitive streak will hopefully carry on for the seasons to come.

                                                 GO BUCCS!  

                                                                 By: Maya Doctor