different ways people celebrating Christmas


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Japan Airlines President Yoshiharu Ueki (2nd L) and Masao Watanabe (2nd R), President of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan pose with a statue of Colonel Sanders (C) wearing a Santa Claus costume during a photo session after a press conference to announce their new “AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken” in-flight fried chicken service, in Tokyo on November 28, 2012. The collaboration plan will start service by JAL international airline Europe and US routes for three months from December 1. AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGI (Photo credit should read KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Everyone likes Christmas. It’s a time to relax, meet a family like grandma’s, or just stay at home and open presents. There are many ways people celebrate Christmas. Here are four ways of celebrating Christmas from around the world.

Number one on the list is the Giant Lantern Festival that was started in 1882 by Edward H Johnsons. The competition was held in San Fernando in the Philippines. What was this about? The Giant Lantern Festival features competitions for the best giant parol lanterns. Because of the popularity of this festival, the city has been named “The Christmas Capital of the Philippines”. Edward H Johnsons died in 1931 on the 18 at West Orange, New Jersey at the age of 84 years old.

The second way of celebrating Christmas is in Japan, in a restaurant. The name is Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner. It became a thing in 1974 when the chicken was substituting the American traditional turkey. It was started by the Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation and then it was awarded the franchise rights to KFC.

And in South America in Venezuela, they celebrate Christmas by going to church in the morning and visiting Caracas every year. They also make hallacas which are just beef, pork, chicken capers, raisins, and olives. After they eat together they open presents on the Eve of Christmas. 

And lastly, the final way of celebrating Christmas that I know of through this article is the way I celebrate Christmas. The way I celebrate Christmas is by inviting the family. Then we make a lot of food and have a jumper or water slide. Kids get in trouble and then after, fall asleep. The adults would just fall asleep and then the older kids watch over each other. In conclusion, these are all of the different ways of celebrating Christmas, and all of them are just as fun as the way you celebrate it.