Neil Bhatkhande, Swag Reporter

**Not influenced by the Datta Empire or the Lambert Commune


A war that has been shaking Bowditch since its birth. Our organization was able to get an exclusive interview with the one and only Mr.Lambert, leader of the Lambert-Commune. We present to you the words of the Lambert Commune.


When asked what started the war, Mr.Lambert claimed that who started the war didn’t matter, and the only thing that mattered was who would end it. Both groups believe that they are the ultimate civilization and refuse to stop fighting, even though multiple attempts for peace have been made from both sides. 

Both nations are dedicated to teaching ancient and medieval history to their citizens, and that everyone should try to benefit from the war. The war has seen a boost in knowledge about social studies and has created a path of knowledge and happiness. We hope you enjoy this message, and maybe, when there is peace, there will be prosperity.


Sources: An interview with Mr.Lambert