Bowditch Theatre

Bowditch Theatre

Alexis Kushnir, Journalist

The Bowditch theatre is a theatre program for Bowditch students directed by Ms.Burndon. Recently, they had a fall play called Anxiety is Orange by Lindsay Price. Each color represents a symbolic meaning towards feelings and emotions. Red is fiery, purple is royal, blue is calming, and orange is anxiety.


The play was on campus on October 28, at 5pm. Mr. Song was the director of music for the play. It was outside, and everyone had to be masked (obviously). The audience was a rotating audience, moving from stage to stage around the school. Ms. Burdon was the director of the play, and Ms. Field was the assistant director.


Thanks to Ms.Burdon, I was able to find out what’s going to come from the theatre this year. There will be another school musical during the spring, but it is not decided yet on what it will be. On January 14, 2022 the intermediate drama club will perform a musical. 


Students get to choose on the roles they would like to do during the musical. The two options are being a performer, a part of the tech group, and/or having a singing part. Ms.Burndon teaches drama (6th grade elective wheel), stagecraft, intermediate drama, and beginners drama.


Source: Ms. Burdon