Bowditch Clubs and About Them…!

Bowditch Middle School’s Amazing Clubs Presented Here!


Vinisha Sharma and Pragnya Keerthivasan

Bowditch Middle School has a lot of clubs. Each performing one or the other keen students feel content with their talents. Some you may recognize, some you may not. We are guaranteed you may identify the club, but not so much about what is the purpose. We will look at some clubs, namely: Book Club, Christian Club, Pride Club, Science Bowl Club, Gardening Club, and plenty more to come.

Book Club- Its purpose is to expose pupils to some reading by picking a suitable book chosen by Ms. Alfonso every month to read and review. They meet every Thursday in Room 38 from 3:15 – 3:45 pm. They read one-third to one-fourth of the book each week and discuss it in each meeting. Their current book is “Starfish” by Lisa Fipps. It’s about the main character Ellie, who has always been bullied about her weight. With some new friendships, she gains more confidence in herself and learns to be okay with taking up space. Their next book for December 2021 is “When You Trap a Tiger” by Tae Keller. Is there any reason she found this club? In fact, there is! Ms. Alfonzo said about the club that, “I created this club because I wanted to share my knowledge about good books with other young minds and expose people to diverse perspectives.”

Recording Club- Mr. Webb is the supervisor in charge of this club. He opened this club as he loves to create melody, record music and also writes lyrics. In this club, he also wanted to make students familiar with recording and learn the joys of music. The club begins every Monday at lunch. He recommends bringing your chromebook and lunch with you. After eating, they all go inside room 45 to begin the fun-filled musical adventure! To make it more official to the name “Recording Club ”, he even has microphones and also apps like Soundtrack(for the beginners) and Abletm (for more advanced). In Mr. Webb’s opinion, he has a great time with students recording and conducting music with him.

Space Club- Mr. Bryan is the teacher supervising this club. He started this club after the students of Bowditch asked Mr. Bryan to carry out the club as they were absorbed in learning about the wonders of space during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the members of the club are trying to fix their projector for some whole-class space time. They are trying to contact other planetariums to find other working projectors. During the club, they even play space video games like Space Simulator and Kerbal to master topics in an entertaining way. When is this “Out of This World” club? It’s every Monday at lunch in room 20. You can join in the school year. Space nerds? Go for it!

Pride Club-Mr. Perryman supervises this LGBTQ+ club community. He is also the 7th grade counselor in Bowditch. An important aspect of this club is that it is also for allies or friends of the LGBTQ+ community. This club includes all students, no matter who or what they are. They support others and it serves the school as a home for all. There are a few days when the whole campus comes together (one of which is the Day of Silence) and celebrates for who they are. It takes place in Rm. 11 (Ms. Launer’s room) on Fridays at lunch. Overall, it’s an amazing opportunity for all students, not only to celebrate for who they are and it is critical to know about friendship and including people whose hardships may be more than others.

Christian Club-This is a student-directed club by an 8th grade student,Anthony Song. It takes place every Thursday at lunch outside Ms. Markham’s room (in the courtyard). He started this club because he wished to spread the gospel around the school. In this club, they talk about the Christian view on identity and about who Jesus Christ actually was. He says it’s “really fun” and it’s even free for all who are curious. You can bring your friends, you can bring lunch, and sometimes, there’s even food available there. Curious reading about this? Check it out on Thursdays, you may love it.

Chess Club- both Mr. Alvarez and Ms. Shaffer conducts this club. A lot of students really liked Chess Club last year(run by Ms. McIntyre) and requested to do it this year as well. They will play it on Rm. 15 every Thursday at lunch for the rest of the year! The plan is that students will come with their Chromebooks to play online chess with other members of the club. There is another option to get a real-life chess set (they have many, and don’t worry, they are sanitized). Later in the year, they could have some chess tournaments, food, trophies, and much more! If an online game ends unfinished, later they can save it. If it is a non-online game, later they can snap one image(with their phones) and next week, use the image to set the pieces and continue the fun match in the Chess Club.

Science Bowl Club – Held online, it is directed by Ms. Dulur and Mr. Srini Venkat. Even though this sounds appealing now, you can not join this year as they are already in their 8th week. But don’t worry, you can always join next year. The tryouts were recently held during one of their meets and 5 students are already decided (one for each subject). In this club, students who are not selected, will continue to learn and play on Quizizz every meet and learn interesting facts about science that they never really knew before! Students are encouraged to prepare some informative slides and a test on Quizizz. Do join next year, it is more fun than you think!

Gardening Club- Conducted by Ms. Smolen(an astronomy teacher). They learn and teach about gardening, nature, and the environment. They meet every Thursday as long as there are no obstacles in the schedule(like rain). They learn how to plant and take care of flora and bring more life to our wonderful planet Earth.

See clubs you like? See clubs you may want to try? Don’t hold back! Clubs are for free. Find your purpose in the community! Go Buccs!