7th Grade Girls A&B First two games. How’d it go?

7th Grade Girls A&B First two games. Howd it go?

Raja Boudali, Journalist

Bowditch offers many sports teams throughout the year, ranging from track and field to soccer to volleyball and that list includes basketball. There are two girls’ 7th-grade basketball teams, the A team, and the B team. And here’s how their doing:


A Team

The A team has won their first two games. The first game was against JIS (a middle school in Palo Alto). The final score was 39-11 and the second game was against Bayside with the final score being 38-12. Jolene Azar, a member of the basketball team says in their first game they played stronger in the first half. She said they were shooting more before the mercy rule kicked in. The mercy rule is if a team is leading by 25 or more they have to stay on the defensive side and do their best to stop shooting. Jolene says it was a disadvantage and that it got in the way of their offense. Teamwork and communication were two things stated the team should work on. “If you get along with your teammates you can trust them and pass without hesitation,” Jolene said during the interview. 


The A team is off to a good start, how’s the B team doing?


B Team

The B team lost their first game and won the second. The first game was 17-10 against Borel Middle School and the second game was against the pumas from Nesbit Middle school. Ariana Grogan, a player on the 7th grade B team says, “Our first game didn’t go as well as I thought it would go, we did lose but played hard.” Losing your first game is hard but staying upbeat might be even harder. Ariana said that passing and lay-ups are something they need to work on. What’s a lay-up? A lay-up is a shot near the basket off the backboard.


Both teams are off to a decent start, winning at least one of their first two games, and who knows, maybe they’ll win the championships and make their school proud.