Why Using our Backpacks in Class Should Stay

Why Using our Backpacks in Class Should Stay


This year, Bowditch made a massive change. They allowed us to bring our backpacks into classes. I absolutely love being able to do this. Sadly, it seems like it will return to normal next year, at least from what they’ve said. I think we should make this a permanent change.


It saves productivity. Bowditch is shaped somewhat like a figure-eight, with the lockers being in the center. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if you had all your classes near the center, but for people who have most of their classes on the outskirts, this leads to an unnecessary walk to the center and back for each class. This could let people get to class quicker, being able to get there early and get settled in before class.


It lets you bring everything to class. Time and time again, I see people forgetting their things, and having to leave in the middle of class just to get a red pen to correct or anything along those lines. It would be much, much worse if everyone had to choose only a few things to bring to class that they can carry. If we keep backpacks in class, people can bring everything into class if they wish.

It’s easier to carry. People who use lockers are people who have lots of heavy things to carry, like binders full of notes and pencils and the like. These people, who can’t carry their backpack around all-day, now need to manually carry a couple of things, and it’s still heavy. Backpacks were invented to carry things around, and there’s little point if we just cram them into lockers for the entire day. 


I’m not saying that lockers are useless, far from it. They are incredibly useful for those who have many books or binders or such. But for people who don’t, going to your locker is a pain, and being allowed to use our backpacks everywhere is amazing.