Bowditch Middle School Safety Rules

Follow Bowditch Middle school rules!!

Bowditch Middle School Safety Rules

Jeime Moreno, Journalist

Bowditch Middle School Safety Rules


Bowditch middle school is a fun and safe middle school, although just like every other school, we need to have some rules to make it safe. Principals, teachers, staff members, parents, and students want to have a safe environment at school. They have many rules to be safe.

 Fire drills, fire drills are common for all schools. Bowditch middle school has a well-planned event just in case that will ever happen in the future. For example, all kids line up in front of the door and the teacher makes sure they have all students after the students calmly walk outside the campus. Then the students go back inside the campus and start walking to the blacktop. Once they get into the blacktop, the students and teachers, the teacher counts down all of their students, making sure no one is missing from their classroom. Once the fire drill is over, everyone walks back to their classroom calmly and continues as they were doing.

Lockers, lockers are something that some middle schools have, lockers are important, especially with the heavy backpacks we have to carry all the time. Lockers also have a couple of rules to keep it organized. One specific place in Bowditch middle school is hell hall, it’s always very crowded in there so people are always bunched up and pushing one and another, so one of the basic rules is once you have all of your stuff from your locker you immediately walk to class. So no waiting for friends or just being there. The most important rule is to keep your locker clean. We always want a clean locker to make sure there won’t be any trash inside. We want our locker to be neat and clean.

Bullying, bullying will not be tolerated in Bowditch middle school. If someone is getting bullied, they will report to the principal or any staff member to make sure no one will get bullied in this school, the person bullying someone the staff members will arrange and will talk to both people separately, they will both have to agree about the situation. If it keeps on going on and the person getting bullied is affecting them, then the staff members will give him a warning and the person bullying the victim will have to sign a sheet to stay away from the person. If the person won’t stop picking on them, then they will have to do dentation or, even worse, like suspension. Bowditch middle school does not want anyone getting bullied.

Classrooms’ expectation, classrooms’ expectations are very basic and simple rules that people could easily follow and understand. Once you get into class quietly, you sit down in your seat and wait for further instructions. When the teacher gives you instructions, you work on your assignment without messing around and getting distracted. If the teacher is talking, you listen and don’t talk while the teacher is talking (it is very disrespectful and rude). Do not bring your phone unless you want it taken away unless the teacher permits you. Finally, have your computer charged at home! 

I hope you learned something new and follow the rules, go Buccs!