Bowditch Middle School Remodel

The overall plan for the remodel of Bowditch Middle School


Ashley Turek, Journalist

         As most of us probably know, Bowditch Middle School has not been remodeled since it was established on July 1, 1980. That was nearly four decades ago! Forty one years is a long time for a running school where hundreds of kids go each day to go without being remodeled. Due to this, the people part of the master plan committee signed up to take action.

         The main purpose of the Bowditch remodel is to address the current condition of this school, and make it better for all its attendees. This allows a more effective learning environment for both students and teachers.

         Here are some features that will be added to the new and improved Bowditch Middle school:

         There will be two kinds of modifications, large and small.

         Some of the large modifications include:

  • Rebuilding most of the school and remodeling the remaining

         -The school classrooms will be moved to where the field is now permanently so that school can still run while they are rebuilding where the classrooms are currently

         – The field and tennis courts will be permanently moved to where the classrooms are now

-The field is will be moving to beside Tarpon Street

  • Building a new gym and locker rooms

         -The gym will have double courts, with large curtains dividing the gym for privacy and games, and bleachers on the side of each court that are flat against the wall, but can extend out when needed

         – The old gym is circular and small; while the new gym will be rectangular and large

         -The locker rooms will have better air purification systems

  • Improving science classrooms

         -Adding additional space for lab work

         – Has already been funded for

  • Adding a drama building 

          -Has already been funded for

  • Replacing the grass areas/field with turf
  • Repaving the asphalt areas/parking lot
  • Increasing width of courtyard concrete walkways
  • Enhancing the landscape and irrigation
  • Upgrading the plumbing and electrical features
  • Installing solar panels                                                                                                                                                                      -Reduces expenses

          Some of the smaller modifications will be:

  • Replacing the lunch shades
  • Adding windows and improving air purification
  • Adding more water bottle fillers and hand washing stations
  • Replacing the carpets with flooring

         -Carpets can trap dust mites, dirt dust, lead, mold, and pet dander (skin particles from pets), which can all affect a students health in a negative way

  • Modernizing the school

         – Restrooms (replacing flooring/interior finishes)




  • Creating display areas

         -Places to show off student work

  • Repairing fences
  • Adding more effective lights
  • Repainting the school
  • Replacing windows and blinds
  • Upgrading storm drains


         The overall cost estimate total is going to be about 53,421,800 dollars.

         Here is the overall plan for the remodel of Bowditch Middle school that will refresh and reconstruct the school.