Interview on Tyler Dang


Tyler Dang is a 12 year old boy that attends Bowditch middle school and played on the flag football team. The flag football team ended up with 2 wins, 4 loses, and 4 ties. On offense Tyler played wide receiver and on defense he played cornerback. He plays baseball and video games in his free time. He has a dog, brother, mom, and dad. His favorite subject is Social Studies and favorite food is chicken tenders. When he eats chicken tenders he doesn’t like them with any sauce. Some of his favorite video games are Minecraft, The Show 21, and Starwars Battlefront. His favorite candy is Skittles and his favorite Skittle is the red one. Tyler’s favorite fountain drink is Coke and his favorite type of milkshake is chocolate. Tyler’s favorite thing to do besides playing sports is to go to a water park and/or amusement park. Tyler’s favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks and his favorite baseball team is the Oakland Athletics. Tyler’s dream job is to become an NFL wide receiver and play for the Seattle Seahawks. His favorite tv show is spongebob and his favorite movie is free guy. Tyler enjoyed playing with all of his friends and had a great time on the Bowditch flag football team.