Mr. Lambert


Nagisa Kikuchi, Jounalist

Mr. Lambert is the  new 7th grade social studies teacher at Bowditch.  Mr. Lambert is very nice and funny. Here is a little bit about Mr.Lambert.

First, Mr.Lambert was born on May 3rd 1990. Second, he became a teacher, because he likes history and social studies.He believes that working with middle school students is very valuable and rewarding. Being a social studies teacher, he likes ancient civilization. His favorite civilization is ancient Greece because it started lots of ideas and philosophies we still use today. Third, do you know why Mr. Lambert always drinks Coca-Cola? That mystery has finally been solved and it was very simple. It’s his favorite drink and he can’t get enough of it. Fourth, do you know why Mr. Lambert called Mr Lambertgene? The student Giacomo called him that one day and it stuck. Fifth, his favorite movie is Child of Men. The reason he likes it is because it has a fascinating concept and filmmaking is exceptional! Mr. Lambert enjoys watching sports, cooking, and hanging out with friends. Finally, his favorite food is Tacos. He ALWAYS eats Tacos. 

Mr. Lambert is the new 7th-grade social studies teacher and he is great!