3D Printing: An Elective That BMS Deserves

3D Printing: An Elective That BMS Deserves

Aravind Acharya, Journalist/Editor

Atención! Achtung! Attention! Make way for the brand-new elective, 3D Printing! This elective will revolutionize Bowditch Middle School!

3D Printing is a revolutionary invention! This machine was invented in 1986 by bidding entrepreneur Chuck Hull. Since then, it has been used to print items in 3D, like furniture, small items, entertainment objects, and even entire homes! It can even be used to save lives!

3D Printing is a useful topic for children to learn. It will help students learn the science of 3D printing, and also have some ADDITIONAL benefits! Some examples include saving lives, like attaching a prosthetic leg or arm. Also, it could teach important and valuable life skills, like patience, creativity, and thinking out of the box. But most of all it is fun and students are bound to enjoy it.

3D Printing is a suitable elective for all the grades Bowditch has, 6-8. It can be a quarter-long, semester-long, or even a year-long elective! Students would be able to try a 3D-print simulator, then 3D-print items! Each student would have a personal 3D printer sitting on the desk, which they don’t have to take home.

This elective could be spruced up with frequent assignments, specifically group projects. This would encourage students to believe in themselves. Also, this would promote teamwork when solving problems. Most likely, 3D printing would be more commonplace and efficient, so 3D printing would be an even more relevant subject. It would also apply in the student’s later life.

So, with all the benefits of 3D printing and all the cognitive skills, it would unlock, Bowditch Middle School needs to have a 3D printing elective to ensure the students’ success in life. With 3D printing, people could get high-paid jobs like a doctor (for making aesthetic body parts), an architect (for 3D printing homes), or even a sculptor (for 3D printing furniture)!

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