Should You Bike To School


Tyler Dang, Journalist

Lots of people decide to bike to school and many people decide not to. I have done both and there are pros and cons to biking to school. One benefit of biking is that you get a lot of exercise. It can get you in shape really fast and can be a good way to start the day. There are many routes to Bowditch and they are all safe. You can hang out with your friends after school easily because you can bike anywhere. I go to Round Table on Wednesday for lunch with my friends. Depending on the traffic, it can be a fast way to get to school. On bad traffic days, if you stay on the sidewalk, you are faster than all the cars. You can also bike slower or faster. Now for the cons. Some cons of biking are that there could be bad weather. Sometimes it can be hot, sometimes it can be cold. Weather is a factor that you cannot control. There is a solution to this problem, however: look at the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Also, if you are carrying a lot of things in your backpack it will be hard to bike, especially if you have to bike over one of the bridges. It can also get tiring on hot days with a heavy backpack. Biking to school is fast and a great way to get in shape, so you should at least try it.


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