Ms. Launer the Mysterious


Francez Santos, Journalist/Editor

One of Bowditch’s favorite English Language Arts teachers is Ms. Launer. From her excellent sense of humor to her numerous accomplishments, she is more than marvelous and perhaps one of the best teachers you could ever have.

Ms. Launer likes the color yellow, devouring concerning amounts of chocolate, watching sports such as hockey, which is her favorite sport, and going to Veggie Grill to sample their mouth-wateringly delicious menu.

As an athletic director and volleyball coach, she ensures that each sport goes smoothly and keeps students in check, making her expectations crystal clear and allowing students to be the best possible version of themselves. As the tech director of all Bowditch musicals, she maintains the theater’s technical equipment and oversees its setup. Ms. Launer is a multi-tasking magician who does so much for our school.

Before her job as a teacher at Bowditch, which she has held for five years, she helped more people than you might imagine. She worked for one charity of a rock and roll band, where she had the opportunity to both meet with several other bands as well as helping teenagers with cancer

Ms. Launer chose teaching as a career because her mother was a teacher along with several relatives. She was inspired by them and chose to teach ELA because that was the subject she was best at.   

She got her bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her master’s degree at Notre Dame de Namur University, a private and famous university in Belmont, California. 

Ms. Launer’s teaching philosophy begins with her moving desire to teach every individual student to be a working human being in the concept of life and reality. As said perfectly by Ms. Launer herself, “You don’t remember the lessons. Remember the teacher.” 

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