The life of Will Smith



Will Smith is a man who is known as an actor although he only became famous when he was 22, that’s not the only thing he did. Will Smith was born on September 25th, 1968. Will Smith was born in Philadelphia, grew up in West Philadelphia, and became a millionaire at the age of 18. When he became a millionaire, he bought an impromptu party trip to Las Vegas, an island vacation. 

He bought a giant mansion because who wouldn’t buy a mansion if you had the money? Turned out it was a 9372,500 dollar mansion. It was 8,000 square feet without a pool, but he did have 9 bedrooms in his house. He bought the house in 1997 with his wife Jada Picket.

 Before he met Jada Picket he had a kid named Trey Smith with Sheree Zampino before they divorced in 1995. He married Jada Picket and had his marriage ceremony near her hometown in Baltimore. And then welcomed Jaden and their daughter Willow in October. That is what Will Smith has done.