Is VR Unhealthy?

Gonzalo Bonaldi, Journalist

Is VR Unhealthy?

By Gonzalo Bonaldi

VR is a headset that takes you into a real life video game. In VR, you have 2 controllers. One for your left hand and one for your right hand. In VR, you can play a variety of games. But is VR bad for you? 

VR stands for VIRTUAL REALITY. VR is basically a real life video game. It is a headset that goes over your eyes and renders a video game. When you move your body around, this movement is tracked and appears in the video game. There are video game controllers for your hands. These controllers’ movements are tracked. They then move like that in a game. So basically you cannot see anything outside of your screen. It is like being inside your TV. 

VR headsets are incredibly fun. But VR headsets are not all good. They can cause a lot of damage to your eyes. VR can cause disorientation and seizures. But also, while playing VR, you cannot see the real world. Many people have been injured because of this issue. So you have to be careful when playing VR. But VR is also great for learning skills in a controlled environment. The military, for example, uses it to practice combat situations. It’s also great for just having fun! 

After you take your headset off, you may question your reality. This may leave you thinking that the real world we are in right now is not real. Basically, you think there is another VR headset on your face. VR headsets also ruin kids’ coordination. You can tell that when children use them, they lose all coordination of their body. This can cause them to move around weirdly. But it is said that once you are 13, VR won’t affect you as badly as before. But it will still affect you.

As a person who has used VR before, it is definitely very fun. But the risks are high. You need to be at least 13 to use VR. Other people say older and some say shorter. What do you think?