Kids ages 5-11 can now get the Covid Vaccine Shot.


Neil Bhatkhande, Swag Reporter

On Nov 2, 2021, the CDC agreed to allow kids ages 5-11 to take the Pfizer Vaccine Shot. Many parents are extremely happy about this as they can let the stress of having to worry about their 5-11-year-olds go away. I found this article interesting because we have always been so worried about what will happen to kids when they return to school. Will they be safe? Is it worth it to send kids in middle school and elementary school, both of which have kids who aren’t vaccinated together? 

This was especially the case for younger kids who have weaker immune systems. Now, with the CDC approving the Pfizer vaccine, all students in elementary school and middle school can get vaccinated, hopefully stopping coronavirus. This article is important because it shows that scientists are doing the best they can to help stop the spread of coronavirus. People also feel better knowing that their friends and family in lower grades can now get vaccinated. I feel it is important that we make sure everyone in school is vaccinated so that school can become mask-free soon. Luckily, most people are taking the vaccine, and are protecting themselves as well as their children and their children’s friends.

The Vaccine will end up making daycare businesses come back which will definitely help the economy. Also, people will be more aware of fake news due to the politics that got involved in science.