Must-read Fantasy Novels


Francez Santos, Journalist/Editor

During summer, you experience that moment of complete and utter boredom when you’ve depleted your every option for what to do. You’ve finished your chores, eaten a popsicle to battle the scorching weather, scribbled out a picture, and even observed your clock for an hour straight. You are now lying in your bed, with your options all exhausted, and have no idea what to do.

However, wait! There is one more choice that you haven’t considered yet. 

You race to the little bookshelf in the corner of your room, rummaging through all your fantasy books. You are in the mood for a magical adventure. After a good 10 minutes, you cannot find anything that piques your interest. You decide to go to the public library. Begging your parents, you sprint to the library and gaze at all the books neatly arranged on shelves. 

What should you select? Will the story be incredible? Are you wasting your time figuring out the stipulations for a decent fantasy book? You feel ready to give up and consider returning home and throwing a rubber ball against your sibling’s wall until they snitch on you. However, in the end, there may be a solution to finding the perfect book for you. Here are the must-read novels for a journey to the world of fantasies.

First on the list is a series called Akata Witch, written by Nnedi Okorafor. A twelve-year-old girl named Sunny lives in Nigeria. However, she was born in America. She has African characteristics, although she is albino. Sunny is a phenomenal athlete. Unfortunately, she is not allowed to play soccer in the searing-hot sun. It is believed that the girl does not belong anywhere. 

Then she uncovers something unprecedented: she is a “free agent” with concealed extraordinary abilities, some never heard before. She eventually joins a group of four magical students who study the real and imaginary realms and seek to alter reality. However, will that be adequate to enable them to capture a career criminal who utilizes magic?

Following afterward comes a three-part series titled The Lost Rainforest #1: Mez’s Magic. Not regularly that you get to tread in the footsteps of a panther, this story, authored by the New York Times-acclaimed author Eliot Schrefer, introduces your young reader to the lands of Caldera, where a young panther has to use her unique qualities to unravel a historical secret and defend her threatened rainforest home from a reincarnated menace.

This detailed three-part series transforms magical worldbuilding into an elaborate animal kingdom in such an intricate and beautiful manner that it will mesmerize you completely. 

The third recommendation is a sequence of poetically fantastic novels by Tahereh Mafi. The one and only Furthermore, a story with the main character, Alice. Alice Alexis Queensmeadow is born lacking vibrant color, with clear liquid hair and body and a trace of honey inside her irises. Her unique appearance would not have been a massive issue if her parents had not brought her into a world where color was almost everything. Ferenwood is a land saturated in color, of which its vivid residents employ as currency accompanying magic. Due to her colorlessness, Alice is constantly looked down on and undervalued. Alice’s dad, the one person that believes in her, has mysteriously disappeared, abandoning Alice with a devastated mother who doesn’t care for or seem to appreciate her.

Alice is focused on winning the “Surrender,” an exam in which Ferenwood’s 12-year-old kids demonstrate unique magic tricks. Some who succeed are assigned tasks that are designed for their magical capabilities. Not only is Alice not proclaimed the winner, but she also falls short of the minimum of the test altogether. She proceeds on a quest to find her father, disheartened and with few other alternatives. Fortunately, she stumbled upon Furthermore, a land full of exquisite beauty and twisty experiences for both her and those reading. An adventure you must not miss. 

Fourth is a series titled Lockwood & Co, by Jonathan Stroud. In Britain, there is a mysterious plague blended with ghosts. Only kids have the potential to defeat them, as their touch leads to death for the spirits.

Young psychic investigator Lucy Carlyle, the main character, accompanies Anthony Lockwood and his partner George Cubbins at London’s tiniest agency. With just the equipment of the ghost-hunting profession (magnesium flares, iron filings, chains, along with the addition of salt bombs), their determination to succeed with their missions, as well as a flask of boiling tea to go, the three must probe into several of the city’s creepiest and darkest phantom paranormal activity anyone has ever seen before. Mystical and unbelievably written, the series captivates the reader with event after event, detail after detail. Each novel never stops being astonishing. 

Last but not least, the four-novel series Mysterious Benedict Society, created by Trenton Lee Stewart, also produced in the form of episodes to view. These adventures all began with just an ad in the daily newspaper. Children from all over the area had accepted a series of brain-bending and stimulating puzzles that none of the ordinaries could solve. Only four children will rise to the challenge and pass, two boys and two girls. Their mission is to undertake a secret task that the most clever and innovative kids could only perform. 

They will have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened to execute this, in which the only rule is that there are no restrictions. However, the four will discover that the school’s vast underground passageways are much more than just classroom supplies. It is beyond anything they could imagine. Trenton Lee Stewart has yet again mesmerized readers alongside his other works of art. In Mysterious Benedict Society, it is impossible to pause flipping through the pages because there is still more to reveal, chapter after chapter. Keeping your nose out of the novel is complex, especially since it weaves an intricate plot, characters, and more into a series you will love. 

These thrilling and fascinating fantasy novels should be on everyone’s to-read lists! The action and drama never stop with these brilliant books. So, why not head on over to your local bookstore or library, and borrow some of them?

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