Bizarre Certainty

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Bizarre Certainty

Vinisha Sharma, Journalist/Editor

It is always interesting to read, hear or know about things that amuse you. Let’s feed amusing information to our brains that is true and peculiar. Some facts will seem magical, if not unreal. We will look at facts related to animals, space, and biology.

First, let’s look at some animal facts. Let’s see-Pigeons can do math at the same level as monkeys and can tell the difference between a painting by Monet and Picasso. Koalas sleep for 22 hours a day and a tick bite can make you allergic to red meat. Also, bees sometimes sting other bees, frogs can freeze without dying, and some sharks glow. In fact, your own body glows too! THE fact is-Cows can sleep standing but can dream only lying down and sharks can live up to 5 centuries!

Second, let’s look at some space facts. Let’s see-the sun is 400 times larger than the moon and also 400 times further and so, they appear the same size in the sky. Earth is not flat, but the universe is. Venus looked like Earth 2 million years ago and in Saturn, it rains diamonds. Also, if the moon is overhead, you will weigh slightly less and there is nothing like the center of the universe. THE fact-if a star passes too close to the black hole, it can be torn apart!

Lastly, let’s wrap up by looking at some miscellaneous facts. The air you breathe in a train station is 15% human skin, There is an entire city underneath a rock, the heads on Easter Island have bodies underground and there is enough DNA in an average human’s body to stretch from the sun to Pluto 17 times. The fact – Hot water will turn into ice faster than cold water.

These were some of the bizarre certainties. Hopefully, it has dazzled your minds after reading this.