A Productive Rant About Eternals


Lukas Fitzgerald, Human Journalist

The Eternals is Marvel’s 26th movie and the third installment in Phase Four. It centers on the creation of the Marvel universe and the Creators of it, “The Celestials.” The Eternals are as old as the Earth and have witnessed many catastrophes in the world, such as the “blip.” An event in which Thanos gathered all six infinity stones and wiped out half of the universe. But, they can not and will not interfere with human conflict.


In this film, the Eternals face off against their evil counterparts who have been on Earth since they have. I’m talking about “Deviants.” The 10 Eternals disbanded and spread worldwide after they “defeated” the Deviants a thousand years ago. But now they are back, and the Eternals must come together and finish off the Deviants once and for all. This movie captured the bigger picture of the Marvel universe so perfectly and will perform a significant role in the future of the MCU.   


In my opinion, I thought that the movie was okay. It was not one of Marvel’s best, but I liked some parts, and the CGI was unreal. It also received a 47% on rotten tomatoes, which would make it the worst-reviewed Marvel movie ever. I believe that it wasn’t that bad, and the Incredible Hulk should have stayed at worst-reviewed because that movie had like five good parts, then the rest of it was garbage, the CGI was terrible, and they had a $150,000,000 budget. Alright, enough with the Hulk slander. Let’s get back to Eternals.


This movie had a $200,000,000 budget. People were expecting it to be one of the best Marvel movies ever (Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t). I loved what they did with the CGI. If the script was slightly better and the movie was shorter, it would have a higher score on rotten tomatoes. The acting in this movie was phenomenal, and they will assuredly get their chance to shine in future MCU films. One of the reasons this film had such a low score was that everyone was coming out of quarantine, and all the movie’s release dates were delayed. People were expecting a fantastic movie because of all the time they had to perfect. I do think that Spider-Man: No Way Home will not disappoint us, though.


And of course, any Marvel article would not be complete without a complete post-credit scene analysis by yours truly. (SPOILERS AHEAD). Harry Styles is now in the MCU. I know, I know. You’re probably like, “What?!” You mean THE Harry Styles. Yup, he plays the role of Thanos’s brother Starfox or Eros. Eros is an Eternal, and Thanos, except a deviant gene that gives him his iconic purple ten chin look.


In conclusion, this film was nothing short of mediocre. It didn’t feel like it had that MCU magic, but it was an acceptable movie. Do I feel like it lived up to my expectations? No, but if you’re bored and need something to do, you can watch this movie. If this is all, I will see you on the flip side.