The Truth About Tyranny: A 2b2t Tale

The Truth About Tyranny: A 2b2t Tale

JC Siapno, Journalist


The Tyranny of [redacted] was a group on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft that tried to take the server from the inside out, to which they almost succeeded. They also had backdoor access which aided them in their mission. Sato86 dubbed this group “The Tyranny of 4 [redacted]” and the name stuck.


2b2t is known for its chaotic nature. Because it was an anarchy server, anyone could say anything in chat and use all the hacks they wanted, such as x-ray or kill aura. Hausemaster was the server’s only admin, owner, and friends with some members of Tyranny. 


But on July 31st, 2014, a message appeared on the website that said: “Hausemaster has left 2b2t forever and is no longer in charge. The server will continue like normal though and will be operated by an anonymous friend.” Following this post, Hausemaster’s personality would immediately change.



iTristan was a friend of Hause and was a coder. While Tristan was coding the official website, he slipped some malicious code into it. This would’ve been fine, but the website’s code was directly connected to 2b2t, giving Tristan operator access, meaning he has OP.


Together with Pyrobyte, they created the Super Weapons. These weapons were diamond swords with sharpness 32k, insta-killing anyone who happened to be on the other side of the end. Tristan was able to spawn in things that nobody else could do. These are called illegal items. These are special items that only a player that has server operator status can spawn, such as bedrock, barrier blocks, and end portal frames. Tristan would eventually betray the Third Incursion by trying to protect Jared2013, who was on the “Kill on Sight” list.



Popbob was the most notorious griefer who joined back in 2011. The first war on 2b2t were the 4channers against the Facepunch Republic. Most 4channers were from the Team Fortress 2 group 2fort2furious, and the Facepuncher’s were newer players who didn’t even know how to hack. Popbob was one of these Facepunchers. Two other notable 2b2t legends, such as xcc2 and policemike55, were also a part of the Facepunch Republic. After the Facepuncher’s were defeated, Popbob decided to go lone wolf.


Similar to Tristan, Popbob also made plugins for Hause. He managed to backdoor 2b2t and get in possession of multiple illegal items. This action made Hause lose all trust he had in him. Popbob made a base called Plugin Town that was built using the illegal items and blocks he obtained. After the backdoor, Hause would find Plugin Town, which made Pobob abandon it.


Popbob would also use thunder to his advantage. He would get multiple alternate accounts, and when thunder struck, he would calculate where it came from, thus, allowing him to track players and their bases. His reign of terror would end when players from the Third Incursion hunted him down, forcing him to combat log.



Jared joined in 2013 and was known for his griefs but has led some incursions as well. But every time he gets in charge of an incursion, he’ll always mess up. Either not enough players or simply bad leadership. He co-founded the Tyranny but would have a falling out with iTristan. Nobody knows what caused their friendship to fall, but it was severe enough for Jared to take action and grief IMPS Base.



According to FitMC, Taylo was a fierce pvp-er, with whom he had a fierce pvp rivalry with. Taylo joined back in 2011 and helped slay the Ender Dragon in 2013. The portal was created using backdoors and was never officially added until much later. He was well known for finding multiple duplication glitches. Duplication glitches are ways to multiply items or blocks, creating an endless stash. 


During the Rusher War of 2016, he and Jared attempted to protect a base called Ziggy Town using a lavacast. Ziggy Town had bedrock, an illegal item. The base builder contacted CreamOFtheSlop, who still had illegal items from Popbob’s backdoor, and created the famous Bedrock Comet.


c1yd3i (Clyde)

In early 2014, a Facepuncer named KnightVista told c1yd3i about 2b2t. C1yd3i joined with his friend Rustle_League, and the two wanted to run as far away from spawn until they got bored. They created the Kool Kids Klub very near a highway, inviting new players who were also escaping spawn. 


Eventually, the base was griefed, and the former members joined Valkryia while cy1yd3i joined the Third Incursion. After Valkryia disbanded, cy1yd3i would grief New [redacted] town and build his reputation as a notorious griefer.



fr1kin joined in 2011. He was notable for griefing many bases and was once part of one of the largest bases called Block Game Mecca. He was also notable for spamming NSFW content on the 2b2t Reddit. He was one of the players involved with the Nocom exploit, short for No Comment.


Many server owners use what’s called PaperMC. The people involved with Nocom got Hause to report a glitch to PaperMC and used the patch to their advantage. If the chunk was loaded, you could punch at any block coordinate, and the server would be forced to tell you if it was currently being loaded. Multiple bases were griefed, and players who thought they were safe were found and killed.



Branillion joined in early 2012 and was invited to ZiggyBase by Xcc2. Branillion got into an argument with Popbob, so he destroyed Branillions underground farm and killed him. After that, he shortly left the base and was invited to another base but would be griefed in 2013. Branillion then based at a mushroom island with Popbob and later was invited by Jacktherippa to join “The Lands.” He was also invited to join IMPS base, but since it was so far away, he had to use accounts that were already there.


Branillion would find Kings Landing with Oremonger. Kings Landing was griefed when iTristan accidentally leaked the coordinates while trolling Oremonger. A few players including Jacktherippa managed to reveal Tyranny’s backdoor and find Tristan’s stash of illegal weapons. This enraged Branillion and killed Jacktherippa’s friend for revenge.



IamTUNA joined in 2012 and was known as a griefer. They joined after fr1kin did but is no longer active. They based at multiple locations like Valkyria and Yiffington I. They also griefed places such as Sniper’s Peaceful Island.



Tristan was found to have region files. Region files can only be obtained by taking them directly from the server. Bases, builds, and stashes were included in these files. The player who found the files: CainesLaw, managed to find Tristan’s stash that was filled to the brim with illegal items. His most shocking discovery was barrier blocks. Barrier blocks can only be spawned by admins. 


With some of Tyranny’s earlier griefs, withers were enabled when the grief started and then disabled when the grief ended. After Tristan found out that CanesLaw raided his stash, he brought the members of Tyranny and griefed two significant bases, long distances apart, at the same time. Space Valkyria and Kings Landing. Tyranny traveled instantly to Space Valkyria, and after they griefed it, they created an exit portal using illegal portal frames out of thin air. They landed safely in the overworld, where they traveled instantly to Kings Landing and griefed it.


After these two griefs, the community started to suspect something, but it would get so much worse. It turns out, there was a data leak, and it was revealed that one of Hausemaster’s alt accounts was part of the leak and that Tyranny had been using it. This was the proof that Tyranny had direct access to operator status. Tristan even had player data files, meaning that the contents of ender chests, bed locations, join dates, everything about everybody’s accounts were all leaked. 


The community came together and protested. The outrage caused Hausemaster to finally take action. He took back all access to admin, deleted all illegal items, and didn’t say a word to anyone. April of 2016, the majority of the players had quit because 2b2t was no longer an anarchy server. Some fled to Constantium, where it was actually an anarchy server. After losing their power, the members of Tyranny slowly started to quit.


The server was going to die. There were so few players that you could skip the night by sleeping. There wasn’t anything left to do. But then, on June 1st, 2016, Rusher made a video on 2b2t. Instantly his fanbase started to join 2b2t. Angered by the previous events, the remaining players started to kill the new players that were joining. 


The influx of new players brought back some of the old community and started Team Veteran and thus, started the Rusher War. The war brought so many new and old players to 2b2t that it saved 2b2t from dying. Even though Rusher was seen as a threat to the community, Rusher saved 2b2t from falling, and there is no arguing that. Present-day, 2b2t is now an active server, but all old players agree it is nothing like the old 2b2t. Tyranny changed their name to Nerds Inc. and has not been seen in any real capacity for a while, thus ending the era of old 2b2t.



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