My Outdoor Ed Experience

My Outdoor Ed Experience

Alexis Kushnir, Journalist

Outdoor Ed is located in La Honda, California in Santa Cruz County. It is directed by the San Francisco YMCA camp. In 1968, Outdoor Ed opened, and until this day it still educates students on nature.


Most of the time, we would be eating in the cafeteria. The food was incredible and made by chefs in the kitchen. There were different options every day such as eggs, sandwiches, chicken, etc… They were even nice enough to add vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


The girl cabins were at the back of the campus, and the boy cabins were at the front. When you walk into the cabin, on the right side was a room where the cabin counselor would stay. On the left was our bathroom with a toilet, shower, and 2 sinks. Walking down the hallway is where we would sleep on bunk beds. Sleeping on a mat with a sleeping bag was not very comfortable.


Every night, we got to do different activities. On night one, we got to go on the night walk which we walked around the forest with no light. On night two, we watched a video on the animals at pebble beach. On night three, we had a culture night where we would learn different dances from different cultures. And finally, on night five, we all shared our cabin skits.


Everyday activities also took place at Outdoor ed. On day two, we went to the garden where we got to see different plants and vegetables. On day three, we went to Pebble Beach and the whole beach was covered in not sand, but pebbles. On day four, we stayed on campus and learned about Outdoor ed history. 


Day five was leaving the site. Everyone ate breakfast, packed their bags, and went out to say goodbye to all the staff and new people we just met. Solar Steve (Outdoor ed director) played us all a song before we left. It was definitely an amazing experience and I feel sorry for the 7th graders who didn’t go.

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