Iron man


Nagisa Kikuchi, Jounalist

Tony Stark is the rich son of industrial and weapons seller Howard Stark and his wife Mariah. Tony Spent his life surrounded by technology and inventions which led him to become a genius, inheriting Stark Industries after his parents death.Tony made and designed numerous weapons for war. One day after holding a weapon showcase in the desert with many soldiers his transport was attacked by Terrorists. Tony managed to escape and tried to call for help with his phone, but one missile crashed right next to him, and he noticed that on the missile was written “Stark Industries”. It exploded and wrapped Tony. Later Tony woke up in the Terrorists cave, and was given surgery by the Terrorists where something was put into his chest. When he woke up again, he was put in a room and he realized there was something in his chest. The thing was a small arc reactor.

The Arc reactor had been minimized and was supporting his life. Among the terrorists there was a genius doctor called Yinsen. He told them that they are building the missiles for war, and Tony and himself are ruled by the terrorists to help build the missles. They both wanted to escape and miraculously Yinsen had a plan. He had a blueprint that had the picture of metal armor. They started to build the first armor with lots of junk inside the room. Finally the armor was built and Tony named the armor ”Mark 1” Unfortunately the Terrorists noticed the armour  forcing Tony and Yinsen to escape. Fortunately Tony got out of the cave safely, but Yinsen was killed by the Terrorists while trying to protect Tony. To escape Tony used engines on his armour. After flying he crashed far, far away from the cave, but still in the desert. Eventually, he was found and rescued by Stark industries. After that, he made the announcements and he never sold his weapon again. Over the years Tony made the Mark 2 metal armor that is fully silver in color. But there was a problem, so Tony fixed that issue and changed the color fully to the iconic red and gold. Tony continued to build suits of armour and joined “The Avengers” a group of heros who save the world and protect it from other things that are out there.