USS Arizona


Pearl Harbor is a memorial for the death of the soldiers. It is located in the capital of Hawaii. The USS Arizona was 6,000 feet long, stationed with other ships on the southeast side of Ford Island. The USS Arizona has a special place in Americans’ hearts to this day. At 8:10 AM on pearl harbor, a 1,640-pound bomb was about to land on the USS Arizona led by a Japanese zero plane.  The USS Arizona ship weighed 29,630 pounds and was able to carry 1,305 pounds. The ship was sunk by the bomb, and 1,177 out of 1,470 men died in the destruction of the  USS Arizona. After the USS Arizona fell into the water, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union grew in strength and defeated the Axis nations that were led by Japan. The USS Arizona is considered a graveyard since the remains of those who died on the ship are still there. The ship leaks two quarts of oil a day, the oil called “The Black Tears”. After the bomb struck the USS Arizona, it was on fire for 2 days because of the 500 tons of gunpowder it had on board. The USS Arizona was placed in “The Top 10 Most Unforgettable Shipwrecks” by Anita Griffith and proofread by the series editor Jeffrey D. Wilhelm. In conclusion, the USS Arizona will always have a special place in every US citizen’s heart.