Realistic Video Games

Realistic Video Games

Gonzalo Bonaldi, Journalist

Realistic Video Games

There are many jaw dropping video games that can be played. Although graphics don’t mean a video game is good, they sure help the game. Also, the way your character can interact with certain things really helps.


What makes a video game realistic? Realistic video games consist of realistic interactions and graphics. One of the most used graphic enhancers is raytracing. Raytracing basically makes lighting more realistic while adding reflections and shadows to a game. But most video games don’t have ray tracing. Interactive video games depend on how well the company makes them.


Red Dead Redemtion 2 is a game made by rockstar. The game has 2 modes. Online and story. But the story mode is way more interesting. You play a character called Arthur Morgan and the year is 1899. The graphics in the game are very well made but it does not have any raytracing. The physics in this video game are brilliant. When a horse runs, it looks realistic, when glass breaks, it is realistic, pretty much everything in the game is realistic. Another important thing about this game is that you can interact with all the npcs. Finally, the wildlife in the game is spectacular.


Ghost Of Tsushima is another incredible game. It also has an online and story mode. But the main focus is story mode again. The graphics take it to another level. This game is also missing ray tracing but makes up for it with the design of nature. The nature in this game is very well made, everything blows in the wind, and it overall looks very realistic. In Ghost Of Tsushima you play as Jin Sakai. You are a samurai who is on a quest defending an island called Tsushima. In this game, everything is also very interactive so you have a ton of quests and stories to explore.


Finally, a game with ray tracing. This game is called Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk is a video game that is set in the future. But the problem with Cyberpunk is that the game is very hard to run. You need some of the best tech to run this. And on next-gen consoles, it is still very hard to run. That is if you are even able to get your hands on those consoles. Otherwise, one of the important things in Cyberpunk is that it has ray tracing, it makes the game look even better but makes the game slower. (Low performance)  But overall, out of all the games in this list, Cyberpunk is by far the best looking game but overall one of the worst.


Hopefully this increased your understanding for video games and gave you an idea for some games you might want to buy.