MLB Cracks Down on Pitchers Using Sticky Substances


Daniel Joseph Soler, Journalist

Cheating has been in sports ever since they were invented. Getting an unfair advantage over your opponent just makes the game unfair However, teams still cheat using different techniques long with not being caught. The MLB originally banned sticky substances in 1968 but players but many pitchers continue to  The MLB has figured this out however during the early 2021 season and now pitchers will have to go through a mandatory check. The league officials check places where the player can hide the substances.


On a Major League Baseball mound is a rosin bag which helps for gripping which is legal and both teams get it. This small big helps by making a player’s hand softer and allowing the ball to be handled easier as a clean baseball is very slippery. There are plenty of substances players can hide the most common one today players use is spider tack, a sticky soft liquid with the consistency of molasses. The players use these substances to increase spin rate which means more movement and break in the ball. Using spider tack isn’t the only way pitchers cheat, some players cheat with adding sun screen and rosin, and melting pine tar. Sadly some pitchers cheat and hopefully it no longer happens and the MLB is able to track down all the people who cheat weather its with sticky substances, steroids, or stealing signs.