The French Revolutions Secret Stories : Napoleon’s Not-So-Famous Fail In Egypt


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Neil Bhatkhande, Swag Reporter

In the year 1798, Napoleon had just become a very popular figure and to the French people, he was considered their savior. However, other politicians were worried that he would get some power-hungry ideas. The politicians sent him to Egypt to begin a campaign against the British. The goal? To cut off trade between India and Britain through Egypt. First, He took Alexandria, and then he started to push towards Cairo. He brought scholars with him and he learned a lot about the Egyptians. However, Most people did not like the French, as they were a Republic while the Egyptians were an Empire. That is what started most of the wars against France. In the end, Napoleons’ campaign failed miserably. There was one thing, however, that few knew about Bonaparte. He owned almost all of the press. He changed the story, making it look like they were outnumbered 100:1 and still managed to fight when in reality they had the numbers advantage. Napoleon made himself a hero, and everyone forgot about the campaign…



Video I used to learn about the Egypt campaign.

Interest was sparked by Oversimplified.