The Alphabet-A Revolutionary Invention


Renee Pi, Journalist

The alphabet is an important, revolutionary invention that changed human civilization. It paved the way for many other revolutionary items, including the printing press. Invented all the way back around 2000 BCE, it is still used worldwide by more than 1.9 billion people today! 

The alphabet was created in Mesopotamia, around 2000 BCE. This form of writing quickly became the dominant written language, replacing the cuneiform script and hieroglyphics. Around the 5th century BCE, the alphabet reached the Greeks, who added vowels to their alphabet and taught it to the Romans. The Romans added punctuation and revised the alphabet, creating a 23 letter alphabet. However, the letters J, V, and W were added to the alphabet later. This 26 letter alphabet is the one we still use today. 

Without the alphabet, many things may not have been invented. For instance, take the 

A revolutionary invention, the alphabet changed human civilization. It simplified writing and paved the way for many other inventions, such as the telegraph. The alphabet was made all the way back in 2000 BCE and went through several changes throughout the millenniums, creating the alphabet that many still use today.


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