The History of Soccer

Do you want to know more about soccer? Well this article is just for you.

The History of Soccer

Jeime Moreno, Journalist

The History Of Soccer


There are a lot of sports around the world, one of the most popular one is soccer.  Soccer was invented in England 1863, it started becoming really popular in the 1920’s  because immigrants were arriving from Europe to work in factories, and they brought a soccer ball with them to have running. Soccer is a really fun sport that a lot of people play and have teams.


You can win medals /trophies by playing soccer tournaments. There are different cups, such as world wide cups, European cups, and just normal tournaments you could play and win. The rules back then were so different then we have right now, such as having no crossbar  and the goal was not specific from age. If a player did catch a high ball, they were rewarded a free kick. Unlike now we do have a crossbar and the goal height did matter for ages and the player did have to catch the ball if not, they will be automatically out! 


Women were not allowed to play soccer before, since it was for men  only.The first women who played soccer was during 1885.  Then around the 1900’s  soccer was for anyone to play soccer can be played by anyone  but it was mostly for ages 9 or older. The uniform in the 1800’s to 2000’s is very different from today,  men shorts were supper short then it is now,  not to mention women had to wear some sort of headband or something to cover their hair so it could not be in their way while playing soccer. 


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