Bizarre/Creepy Movies

Bizarre/Creepy Movies

Gonzalo Bonaldi, Journalist

Bizarre/Creepy Movies

By Gonzalo


There are many movies that make you think how did the director come up with that? Well, these are 3 movies that make you think that. 


The Matrix is a movie where our life is a simulation but way more in-depth. In The Matrix, robots have overrun the world and are using humans as an energy source. The simulation occurs when we are in pods that are living in the same life making our decisions. When we die, we are dumped out of those pods. Then the cycle repeats with a new person.


Have you ever gotten mad at your parents? Well in the movie Coraline, Coraline moves to a new house and her parents are always working which makes her bored. A few days after arriving she finds a little door with a keyhole. After finding the key, she opens the door and there is nothing except a wall. So she shrugs it off and goes to bed. She wakes up in the middle of the night and spots a mouse. She follows the mouse and it enters the little door she opened earlier. She then opens the door and this time there is a tunnel. She went through the tunnel and was brought back into her house. She then saw her mom. But her mom’s eyes were buttons.


Edward Scissorhands is about a man-made kid with scissors as hands. The reason this movie is creepy is because Edward can’t do anything normal people can do. Also, the setting this movie is in is creepy because of the colors and it also seems like sadness does not exist. Finally, Edward was found in a hidden house away from the town. When he was found he had scars all over his face because when he tried to touch it, he would get cut.


That’s are some bizarre and creepy movies. There are still so many more though so keep looking for more.