Give Third Parties a Chance, People!

Aravind Acharya, Journalist/Editor

    Hey, you Democrats & Republicans! Stop this tussle of power and give us a chance!! Enough of trying to vote for Democrats & the GOP!


    As you probably may know there are more than 2 parties in the U.S. (or are you one of those brainless ones who sit and sit on the couch and watch fake news on TV and vote for a random party??) So, we should know about the other parties who deserve to be in power. After all, don’t they deserve a chance?


    A 3rd party you could vote for is the Libertarian Party. This party was founded in 1971 and holds the largest majority in the 3rd party field, with a record 3.47% of votes in the 2016 U.S. General Election. The party believes in liberalism and that people should contribute to the government. What great ideals, eh?


    If you’re interested in contributing locally and want a party to specifically support those ideals, there are many regional or state parties that you could reach out to. Some examples are the Vermont Progressive Party if you are from Vermont or the Green Party, a party dedicated to supporting the environment.


And in Puerto Rico, there are blatant examples of 3rd parties like the Puerto Rico Progressive Party and the Liberal Party of Puerto Rico. Both of them support the statehood of the area, so that is fortunate.


    So give the third parties a chance! They have no corruption records like the main ones and they have good ideologies! Even the Democrats & the GOP are fed up with the attention! And thank you for listening! Wait! Hello! Are you still awake?