Jeime Moreno, Journalist

Covid-19 Pandemic


Everything was going well until November 17 2019 when a global pandemic started. The first case of a virus called COVID-19 was discovered. It originated in Wuhan, China. After a few months, it started spreading all over the world starting a pandemic.


  Many people were afraid when they announced the first death of a person by Corona Virus on January 11th. People started panicking since they knew that this virus was deadly and could be fatal. It started spreading very quickly and the cases went from 13 cases to 187 cases a day. Once it started becoming worse, lockdowns started on March 13 2020.


 Schools started to shut down, stores, Malls, Jobs, almost everything, June 13 2021 is when almost everything started opening again. But unfortunately there are now over 219 million cases and 4.55 million deaths. Scientists have invented covid-19 vaccines to keep the pandemic under control. In mid March 2020, the vaccines got released and on December 11 2020 for people older than 16. May 10 2021 was when they allowed 12 year old and older. Some of the names of the vaccines are- Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson/Janssen. 


Now, after the vaccines, the world is still at risk. People are refusing to get the vaccine and wearing mask. In some places it is a requirement to have the vaccine to be in the place, if not to keep on wearing your mask full time. The requirements are to still keep 6 feet apart if not at least 3 feet, keep on wearing mask and now it is optional if you want to get the vaccine.