Global Warming! Freak Out! Panic! Do Something!

Global Pollution –

Aravind Acharya, Journalist/Editor

The important question: Global Warming; Good or Bad? Well, 3 letters: BAD!! B-A-D!! BAD!!

Well, you got the point. Global warming causes many problems, like air pollution, ozone layers, greenhouse gases, and many other negative effects!


       Global Warming is a serious problem all over the world. We must act now to save our planet!! Here are things that cause global warming.


       The 1st, the main cause is carbon dioxide. This substance is not that good for humans and is the main contributor to global warming. It is a greenhouse gas that trees take for them to survive and convert into oxygen. Also, trees in the Amazon are being chopped down, and if we don’t stop deforestation, we are going to be in big trouble, trees give us oxygen, and no trees mean no oxygen.


       The 2nd cause is burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are well, fossils from dinosaurs, birds, and insects from prehistoric times. Also, they are useful to make coal, oil, and natural gas. If we burn fossil fuels, it will contribute to the rise of greenhouse gases. These gases are super harmful to the planet. Also, it will rob paleontologists of their findings. 


Last, but the not least primary cause is smog. You might be thinking, ‘Hmm, what is smog?’ Well, smog is smoke and fog, basically like smoke and it is harmful to the planet and photographers (Well they can’t take beautiful images.) But there is still hope. Here are ways in which you could contribute to saving the planet.


First of all, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER DRIVE IN CARS!! (Well, then we have to WALK!! 😭) Okay. At least we should limit our use of cars when we go to nearby places. Anyway, alternatives are to walk 😫 or cycle 😮. And also skateboarding or carpooling when you are going to the same place as someone else. Yep. People these days need to shape up. Another way to conserve energy is to install one of those blue tile-like thingies or those huge fans which only giants in fairy tales use to cool off of (A.K.A. SOLAR PANELS AND WIND TURBINES, PEOPLE!) Solar panels and wind turbines are earth-friendly alternative resources to get energy from the sun and wind respectively. And last but not least, use reusable materials like glass cups, eco-bags, or paper with a sticker saying Eco-Papers! (even though they might not be eco-friendly, it will be worth the sticker!)


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