Ancient Sites


Gonzalo Bonaldi, Journalist

Ancient Sites

By Gonzalo


Do you know any interesting ancient sites?  You probably do, but there are so many that it would be practically impossible to read all of them in one article. But there are a few sites that stand out.


The Itsukushiing Shrine was started in 593 AD by Saeke Kuramoto. Many years later in 1168 AD, new buildings and the Otori Gate were built. There are a total of 56 buildings in the shrine. The Otori gate was made of a wood called Camphor. The Otori gate is red and around 52 feet tall. There is also a main sanctuary, high stage, drama stage, and even an outdoor stage.


Ahhhh! The Roman Colosseum. The Roman Colosseum had many hard-fought battles through the years. Those battles were sometimes watched by over 50,000 people. The Colosseum was built so well that it has become a model for many stadiums today. 


Have you ever been to a city in the mountains? Well, Machu Picchu is a city in the mountains. Experts think Machu Picchu was made by Pachacutec who ruled the Incan Empire from 1438 to 1471. It isn’t clear why the city was built but some scientists speculate that it was a furnishing school for brides-in-training or a grand palace for Pachacutec.


These are some of the few sites that stand out,but there are still so many more to be discovered. 


(Reference-Top 10 Most Wondrous Ancient Sites by Carol Drake)