Global Warming: The Sad Truth

Global Warming: The Sad Truth

Pragnya Keerthivasan, Journalist/Editor

Greenhouse gases have been there in the Earth’s atmosphere since life started. But recently, the greenhouse gas emission increased, mostly because of us. Inventions from fossil fuels, power plants, and plastic bags in landfills are causing more carbon dioxide to enter the atmosphere, creating Global Warming. As the name suggests, global warming is the warming of the planet. Scientifically speaking, global warming is a gradual increase of the overall atmospheric temperature caused by greenhouse gases. The first person to discover about global warming and the increasing carbon dioxide emissions was a man named Svante Arrhenius. There are many ways in which global warming affects the Earth and our daily lives; but here are the three major consequences of Global Warming.

The first major problem – Melting glaciers. Because of the heat trapped by the atmosphere due to global warming, the greenhouse gases are rapidly increasing making the glaciers melt. This is bad for the environment and us. Melting glaciers means less habitats for animals like polar bears. Polar bears’ environment is the ice glaciers in the north pole that are currently melting. This disturbs their home, hunting habits, and basic living style. Melting glaciers are also a problem for us. Melting glaciers means the adding of more water in the oceans and seas. That means flooding of the coastal areas and destruction to houses.


The second main problem due to the heat of global warming is that droughts are becoming more frequent, rains less frequent, and more heatwaves; the perfect environment for wild forest fires. These fires are getting harder to extinguish because of the environment´s heat and dry plants. These fires leave many people homeless, and farming becomes more difficult due to the withering sun and fires. Even if your home is thousands of miles away from where the fire is currently burning, the ash and smoke carried by the wind will affect where you live as well. If you’re not too careful, you could get lung problems from inhaling the smoke.


The third main problem is that the oceans are getting heated up. Let’s describe oceans as “carbon sponges”. The oceans soak up 70% of all CO2 emissions, and that makes the water warmer the more it soaks up carbon dioxide. Oceans in fact, soak up to 25% of all the CO2 emissions due to human activities. But too much of it in the oceans will cause Ocean Acidification. Coral die, and the coral reefs ecosystem will be disrupted. This is also a problem for humans. As oceans get warmer, the surface water has more energy to generate hurricane winds, making hurricanes more frequent, causing more harm.


Global warming is a huge threat that certainly causes a lot of problems. However, amidst all these problems, we can fix this rising issue. Instead of using cars for small-distance traveling, we can walk, bike, or ride a local bus. When shopping, use reusable bags instead of plastic ones. Switch off your room light when you’re leaving the room. Decrease your carbon footprint to as minimum as you possibly can everyday. These simple tasks can help prevent a global threat in the future that affects every single living being on planet Earth. If the world does this, the Earth can finally remove the heavy blanket it wasn’t able to remove in a long time.