Tips to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Tips to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Francesca Bunya, Journalist

Drawing isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of practice and time for most people to be satisfied with their work. Even so, some people still find their work to be bad or lazy. Some people Dislike their artstyle, but they can’t find any easy ways to change it. Or, they just want to find the right places to put highlights in or extra shading.


The first thing to do when shading is to find out where you want  your light source to be, so you know what places on your drawing should be brighter. For example, if you drew a sun in the top right corner you would want the places facing the sun to be brighter. You could also use real life pictures as examples if you need a better view. If you are drawing digitally, you could use airbrush pens or watercolor pens to make smoother shading styles.


Sketching is also something you could do if you want to improve your art. People use sketching as a way to decide what you want the drawing to look like before you do the final outline. Sketching is also a style of art people can use. When sketching, try not to make it look like a drawing with a full outline. Even if a line goes over another it’s fine to leave it there if you don’t feel like erasing it. Coloring for sketches can sometimes be hard as well. For on paper drawings you could color over the line very lightly, but for digital drawings you may want to add an extra layer underneath the sketch and use that to add color instead.


Drawing may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, and many people may want to improve their art skills. You don’t have to use the tips listed above, just know that they are there if you would like to try them out.