India’s worsening Covid crisis


Givanna Shqair, Journalist

Covid Cases in India striked higher than ever. There are about 46% of covid cases globally in weeks and one out of four deaths in those past weeks came from India, the UN health agency said. 


           India has reported over 300,000 new Covid cases in the past two weeks and became the second most infected country in the world. In the middle of the week, India reached around 226,000 deaths due to covid-19 according to the health ministry data. However, studies came to the conclusion that cases were likely severely underreported. The producer of the covid vaccine is going to supply poor countries with the vaccine to hopefully cure and reduce the amount of covid cases being reported. 


            A delay in vaccine exports by India could leave lower-income countries vulnerable to fresh outbreaks of covid-19. Still, the renewed outbreak in India has led several countries to tighten travel restrictions. Having said that, it is definitely really bad news for airlines and airports. As well as other businesses that depend on the travel industry.